Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions which are designed to help you understand the aims and objectives of the Flying Start programme.  If you have a question which is not addressed here, please use the Contact Us function to ask the project team.

1. What is Flying Start NHS®?

Flying Start NHS® is a national development programme for newly qualified nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. It aims to support their learning and build their confidence during their first year of practice in NHS Scotland.

2. How do I register to commence Flying Start NHS®?

You can register by visiting the website www.flyingstart.scot.nhs.uk
Log onto the website and enter details there following the launch. You should also consult your line manager/mentor to arrange for appropriate time/support to complete the programme.

3. Who can register with Flying Start NHS®?

All newly qualified nurses, midwives or allied health professionals who join NHSScotland.

4. Is Flying Start NHS® a nationally approved programme?

The Scottish Government has issued a letter to all Health Boards clarifying that all newly qualified nurses, midwives and allied health professionals joining NHSScotland will be supported to complete Flying Start NHS®.

5. What is the difference between Continuing Professional Development and Flying Start NHS®?

While professional development is for life, Flying Start NHS® is a development programme which supports newly qualified practitioners during their first year of practice. It will do this by assisting them to navigate to the Foundation gateway of the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework 'Agenda for Change'. After completing Flying Start NHS® newly qualified practitioners would be expected to participate in ongoing Continuing Professional Development.

6. Does Flying Start NHS® attract an academic award?

Flying Start NHS® has been designed primarily as a service based development programme. However, newly qualified practitioners working towards their first degree may choose to submit their portfolio of evidence for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and award of Scotcat points. Newly qualified practitioners wishing to do this should log onto www.scqf.org.uk for general advice, then request specific advice.

7. How will my employer support me in completing Flying Start NHS®?

By acknowledging that you are a welcome addition to the team, and by identifying a mentor who will help you to make the transition from student to a qualified, confident and competent practitioner in NHS Scotland. Your employer will carry out a six and twelve month review of your progress within the NHS KSF development review process. A joint agreement will facilitate your development and also identify your responsibilities in the first twelve months.

8. Can I register with Flying Start NHS® if I am not employed in NHS Scotland?

Yes, you can now register onto the programme if you work in the NHS, Care Home, Independent setting and Armed Forces.

9. Can I register with Flying Start NHS® if I am employed on a part-time basis in NHS Scotland?

Yes and you will be expected to complete Flying Start NHS® within a twelve month time limit from commencing your first NHS Scotland post as a newly qualified practitioner.

10. How does Flying Start NHS® relate to Agenda for Change?

Flying Start NHS® is based upon learning outcomes which support practitioners as they work towards their NHS KSF Foundation gateway. The portfolio of evidence you produce as part of Flying Start NHS can be used for your NHS KSF development review.

11. How long should it take me to complete Flying Start NHS®?

Normally it will require twelve months, you should finish Flying Start NHS® just prior to your NHS KSF development review.

12. What type of evidence will I need to demonstrate I have completed Flying Start NHS® successfully?

You will be expected to construct a portfolio of evidence of how you have achieved the ten learning outcomes upon which Flying Start NHS® is based.

13. Will anyone help to guide me through Flying Start NHS®?

You will work with a mentor who will help to provide you with the experience to progress through the first year as a newly qualified practitioner. You will also work with peers and multi-disciplinary team colleagues.

14. What if a development programme already exists in my Health Board

All local development programmes have been mapped to Flying Start NHS®. You will be able to draw evidence from both learning frameworks into your single Flying Start portfolio.

15. Is there a separate Development Programme for practitioners working in primary care organizations?

No, Flying Start NHS® is designed to meet the generic needs of new practitioners working in any NHS setting. However, within the Learning Units, a special icon will indicate activities/references of specific interest to those working in primary care.

16. Broken links or forgot your password?

Contact Us to let a member of the project team know that you would like to confirm your password, check your registration or report a broken link.