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Get Started

Getting Started on Flying Start NHS® development programme should take place as close to commencing your first post in NHSScotland as possible.  Flying Start is the core programme for all staff to support induction, transition and the NHS KSF development review cycle, so meet with your mentor as soon as you can to plan your learning goals.


Acting on feedback from users and mentors, we have developed more guidance on how to get started on the Flying Start NHS® development programme.

Some users told us the content can be overwhelming, therefore we have written guidance designed to be downloaded and discussed at mentor meetings.

Learner Guides - use these as a template to plan your learning goals

These guides are not designed to be prescriptive or to take away from your individual journey through Flying Start NHS® learning programme.  They aim to keep you on track and set realistic learning goals with the support and guidance of your mentor.

Recording your Flying Start NHS® learning activities

These downloadable documents are designed to support recording your reflective accounts as you work through the learning programme.