Concluding Activity

Concluding Activities give you the opportunity to re-visit the learning outcomes and gather the evidence of meeting them and applying that learning in practice. We know that this step of your learning journey is important to complete as it will help to build your confidence in your new role as a registered practitioner.

Learning Outcomes

The aim of this learning unit is for you to acquire the knowledge and skills to embark upon a structured career pathway in NHS Scotland.

Reflect on the activities you have completed within this unit and how these have increased your awareness of the importance of owning and managing your own career pathway. The learning outcomes you should now be able to demonstrate are to:

  • explore the possible short and longer term options for your career development.
  • understand the role of NHS KSF in assisting your career pathway.
  • develop the skills to effectively manage your career.
  • identify the available resources to assist your career pathway.

Ensure that you capture your future learning needs, and career aspirations within your NHS KSF development review and PDP.