Exploring options

Whilst most newly qualified practitioners do not want to think of career progression, it is important to be active in exploring areas which you enjoy and may want to gain more experience in.

Career Options

Plan time with your mentor to discuss what career options may be available to you in the short term, perhaps opportunities for promotion, acting up or choosing a rotational placement could be coming up?

Refer to the diagram cited above to help you to explore the different career opportunities that are available, discuss the career options which exist in your area of practice in the short term. Remember Career Planning is an active process, the clearer you are about your goals, the more prepared you will be when opportunities become available.

RCN Core Career and Competence

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Career Opportunities

The factors which will influence your career choices will include:

  • personal preferences
  • influential people and events
  • skills and talents
  • your work/ life balance needs
  • positive attitude - being open to experiences
  • opportunities - being in the right place at the right time
  • and…. Occasionally luck!

With your line manager and/or mentor explore and agree opportunities to find out more about what career development opportunities may be open to you.  Remember this is not only about promotion to higher bands, it is about exploring different areas which interest you.

Portfolio Activity - Career Opportunities

Make an entry in your portfolio which demonstrates your understanding of the career options which are both available and suit your personal preferences.