The Career Framework for Health and the NHS KSF are the two main frameworks which will facilitate options for career development.  By effectively staying in charge of your career you will be taking ownership and staying open to opportunities and possibilities.

Skills for Health Career Framework

Skills for Health is an organisation responsible for a number of programmes that support workforce development across the health sector. These programmes may be UK-wide, shared across two or more countries, or country specific. The general aims of the programmes are to:

  • encourage approaches that help people to achieve their full potential
  • optimise individual and team contributions to individually focussed care
  • facilitate flexibility in workforce planning
  • support service redesign, the extension of existing roles and the development of new roles
  • establish frameworks that increase transferability of competence and qualifications
  • ensure that those responsible for managing and delivering healthcare receive education and training that equips them with the competences needed to safely undertake their work

Have a look at the Career Framework's nine levels, and in Career Framework publications.

Modernising Nursing Careers

Understanding the future direction of nursing as set out by the Scottish Government's policy is important when managing your career options. Read the Executive Summary of the policy and reflect on what types of roles may be available to you as you progress through your career.

Modernising Nursing Careers