Career development is important for individual practitioners, employers and most importantly patients and their carers. It is not necessarily about promotion to a higher grade, it is the concept of working within the Career Framework for Health and the NHS KSF to continue to develop. 

Career Advice

There are a number of professional bodies and organisations which provide career advice. Do a web search and locate the ones which are the most useful and relevant to you. Try the following key words in your search; healthcare careers; NHS Scotland Careers.

Reasons for Developing Your Career

As you make the transition through your first year as a newly qualified practitioner you will have experiences which will shape and inform your future career choices. Everyone has preferences about the nature and type of work they enjoy.

Keep a record in your portfolio of the types of work you have enjoyed which may eventually lead you to develop your career in a specific direction. Revisit this regularly throughout the year and discuss it with your NHS KSF reviewer at six months and twelve months.