Clinical Skills Unit

Clinical skills will be the area where you will naturally want to develop most confidence in the first year of practice. Flying Start NHS® will not tell you how to do any particular clinical skill, as it supports so many different professions.  This unit is designed to help you identify and plan how to develop the right clinical skills for your setting.


Demonstrate the ability to apply clinical skills in a range of settings of increasing complexity.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this unit, and following a period of reflective practice, you will be able to:

  • Apply these clinical skills to increasingly complex situations within practice
  • Reflect upon the clinical skills you and others contribute to the provision of care.
  • Identify your continuing learning needs in relation to clinical skills development
  • Demonstrate an evidence-based approach to your clinical skills development

You will probably feel this is the area in which you want to learn the most, and you will as you progress through the first year of practice. To get the best out of this unit you should complete the Clinical Skills Development activity then have a follow-up discussion with your mentor before progressing to further sections within this unit. This unit will not tell you how to carry out specific Clinical Skills, but will keep you on top of the skills you need to develop. You should also try to adopt good lifelong learning habits and record your identified learning needs to your Flying Start portfolio as this will provide excellent evidence as you progress throughout the year.

When you are planning your activities to meet the learning outcomes, you should consider the level of learning that you want to achieve. You will find the Get Started and Gaining Credit pages of Flying Start NHS® useful. Additionally, the Post Registration Career Development Framework for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals and Effective Practitioner will help you to assess learning needs and plan for your continuing development beyond Flying Start NHS®.