Keeping up to date with current evidence and literature is part of your responsibility and a requirement of your regulator - either the NMC or HPC. Use the references in this unit, and also remember that The Knowledge Network is an excellent source of information and a site where you can share knowledge with peers.


In addition to the resources included in the activities, there is a range of resources available online that you might find worthwhile accessing.  These include:

Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network: Safe Communication in Healthcare Practice

Communicating, Connecting, Caring

GoodPractice Toolkits You will need your Athens login to gain free access to these resources. If you don't have an Athens password, contact

The Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHS Scotland [2010]

Little Things Make a Big Difference: Valuing People

Making Communication Even Better

In addition, you can access journals and e-books at the Knowledge Network Library.  You will need your Athens login and password to access these.