Concluding Activity

The 10 Concluding Activities are designed to support reflective practice in each of the ten learning units.  You must complete all 10 Concluding Activities to evidence you have completed the Flying Start NHS programme. As you complete the units, you are creating your evidence to support your NHS KSF development review and pay progression at the Foundation Gateway.

Concluding Activity

The aim for this unit is: 'To embed the skills of lifelong learning into the everyday practice of newly qualified practitioners, which in order to maximise their confidence and capability within NHS Scotland.'

You should now be able to evidence your ability to:

  • value and embed continuing professional development activities as a lifelong process to improve your knowledge and skills.
  • maintain a reflective record of evidence demonstrating the outcome of learning from a range of activities.
  • demonstrate growing confidence in developing others

Construct a concluding portfolio entry which summarises your learning and demonstrates how you have achieved this aim and how you will build upon this.