Concluding activity

The 10 Concluding Activities are designed to support reflective practice in each of the ten learning units.  You must complete all 10 Concluding Activities to evidence you have completed the Flying Start NHS® programme. As you complete the units, you are creating your evidence to support your NHS KSF interim and first gateway development reviews.

Concluding Activity

The aim of this unit is to enable you to understand the policy and organisational context of health and social care in NHS Scotland, and to contribute to implementing policy and consultation.

The learning outcomes should have led you to be able to demonstrate that you:

  • understand the policy context within NHS Scotland and apply this understanding in practice
  • identify and critically evaluate local policies that are designed to enhance person-centred  care
  • understand and contribute to the process of consultation in NHS Scotland
  • know how to contribute to influencing future service provision within your healthcare setting and can identify how to contribute

Make a portfolio entry, which demonstrates how you have achieved the aim. Remember to discuss your future learning needs in this area which your mentor, and ensure these are captured in your PDP for the coming year.