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Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice underpins the entire Flying Start NHS programme. It is based on a balanced approach to strengths and needs in practice with support and guidance from a workplace mentor and team colleagues. This unit will help you embed reflective practice into your everyday work to improve the quality of care and treatment you provide.


Self-awareness is central to the process of reflection and can be defined as

"…the gradual and continual process of noticing and exploring aspects of the self, whether behavioural, psychological or physical with the intention of developing personal and interpersonal understanding….To become more aware of and to have a deeper understanding of ourselves is to have a sharper and clearer picture of what is happening to others" (Burnard 2002: 30 - 31).

Reflective practice should therefore be embedded in our everyday practice in order to provide quality and holistic patient/client care.

  • to deepen your understanding of reflective practice and its potential impact on the quality of care delivered
  • to inform your personal and professional development particularly within the wider context of the clinical practice setting
Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this unit, and following a period of reflective practice, you will be able to:

  • Use reflection to illustrate your personal and professional strengths
  • Work reflectively in the health and/or social care team
  • Reflect routinely on your everyday practice with patients and/or clients
  • Seek regular feedback on how you respond to the diverse needs of patients and/or clients and their families