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Concluding Activity

The 10 Concluding Activities are designed to support reflective practice in each of the ten learning units.  You must complete all 10 Concluding Activities to evidence you have completed the Flying Start NHS programme. As you complete the units, you are creating your evidence to support your NHS KSF development review and pay progression at the Foundation Gateway.

Concluding Activity

The aim of this unit is to deepen your understanding of reflective practice and its potential impact on the quality of care delivered and to inform personal and professional development particularly within the wider context of the practice setting

Following a period of reflective practice, make a portfolio entry which demonstrates how you will be able to:

  • Use reflection to illustrate your personal and professional strengths
  • Work reflectively in the health and/or social care team
  • Reflect routinely on your everyday practice with patients and/or clients
  • Seek regular feedback on how you respond to the diverse needs of patients and/or clients and their families