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Confidence Building

Building confidence in your first year of practice is really important as it lays the foundation for your professional career development.  It will go alongside clinical skills development and will be helped by feedback from mentors and team colleagues.

Building Confidence

Through experience and engaging in reflective practice your confidence levels should progressively build.

How confident am I?
A diagnostic to measure your levels of confidence and address your development needs.

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Building self-confidence
Useful advice on how to develop your self-confidence and enjoy its many advantages.

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Develop my confidence and personal impact
Confidence is not something you are necessarily born with, but you can learn how to become a more confident person. Here we give you a general overview of how confidence can increase your personal impact.

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Confidence tricks: tops tips designed to help you build up your confidence and self-esteem

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Confident communication: some tips on how you use your verbal and non-verbal communication skills to ensure you make a positive impact.

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Portfolio - Self Awareness

Now that you have completed the previous activity, make an action plan for yourself on how you are going to implement at least one of the ideas you have read. Make sure you incorporate a date when you will return to review your action plan and write up a reflective account in your portfolio.