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Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the foundation skill required for reflective practice as the outcomes from being self-aware underpin whole process. Being self-aware means that you are conscious of your beliefs, values, qualities, strengths and limitations.

Develop Yourself Toolkit

As a newly qualified practitioner developing your own professional identity, you have free access the Develop Yourself toolkit via The Knowledge Network. You will need your Athens ID to access them, but they are well worth looking at.

Take a look at Toolkit 1 : Develop Yourself - Good Practice


Reflection in Practice

Self-awareness is not only the fundamental skill underpinning reflective practice. It also is crucial for understanding and developing good interpersonal skills and building therapeutic relationships with patients / clients and their families (Bulman & Schutz 2004).

Through self-awareness we are able to consciously learn to use ourselves in interactions with others. Burnard (2002:36) states that being self-aware allows us "… select therapeutic interventions from a range of options so that the patient or client benefits more completely. If we are blind to ourselves we are also blind to our choices. We are blind, then, to caring and therapeutic choices that we could make on behalf of our patients".

Choose a reflective model or framework, and systematically reflect on a recent event. Use the results to evaluate how you are applying your knowledge and skills within your current practice, and how your self-awareness is continuing to develop as a registered practitioner.