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Concluding Activity

The 10 Concluding Activities are designed to support reflective practice in each of the ten learning units.  You must complete all 10 Concluding Activities to evidence you have completed the Flying Start NHS programme. As you complete the units, you are creating your evidence to support your NHS KSF development review and pay progression at the Foundation Gateway.

Assess your confidence

In addition to the concluding activity below, you should return to the notes you made at the start of this unit when you were asked to assess how confident you felt in carrying out a range of research related activities.

Carry out this assessment again to see how your knowledge and skills have developed.

Assess how confident you feel in each of the following activities on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being not at all confident and 5 as very confident.


1               2                  3              4                    5


Not confident                                            Very confident

Again, record this and make notes about what you know, how confident you are and what you feel that you still need to know more about:

A. finding the right research findings

B. internet and database search skills

C. reading and understanding some research

D. finding time to read complex research articles

E. deciding whether research results are credible and evaluating research

Compare this with your initial assessment. You will be able to see, and record for you portfolio, where you have developed and progresses and where you still have development needs. You should keep the assessment of your knowledge and skills and redo it in 3 and 6 months to chart your progress.

Concluding Activity

The aim of this learning unit is to enhance your ability to gather and present evidence of applying research skills and knowledge in the workplace.

Following a period of reflective practice, consider your overall activity and learning within this unit and make a portfolio entry which demonstrates how you will be able to:

  • Integrate information from a variety of sources which supports evidence based care.
  • Understand what evidence is and how to use it.
  • Make changes to your daily practice incorporating evidence as a routine part of clinical decision making.
  • Make sure you take forward your identified learning needs to your NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework development review and Personal Development Plan.