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Looking at what you know

You bring a range of skills and knowledge about using research, evidence and feedback with you from your undergraduate experience, and will continue to develop these skills throughout your career in response to the type of work you are doing or are working towards.

Looking at your skills and knowledge

The development of your skills and knowledge about using research, evidence, and feedback will be more effective if you look at it in a structured way to do this as well as taking advantage of ad hoc opportunities.

Assess how confident you feel in each of the following activities on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being not at all confident and 5 as very confident.

1               2                  3              4                    5


Not confident                                            Very confident


Record this and make notes about what you know, how confident you are and what you feel that you need to know more about:

A, finding the right research findings

B. internet and database search skills

C. reading and understanding some research

D. finding time to read complex research articles

E. deciding whether research results are credible and evaluating research


You should keep the assessment of your knowledge and skills and redo it in 3 and 6 months to chart your progress