Manager Support


Teamwork skills are key to you working successfully as a member of your clinical team, with the wider multi-disciplinary team, and with patients/clients and carers. Starting work with a new team and in a new setting is challenging and complex at any point in your career, but is especially so when you are making the transition from being a student to your new role as a registered health practitioner. This unit will help to support you in developing the skills that you need  to become a confident and effective team member

  • Understand, respect and value the roles and contributions of all members of the health and social care team.
  • Gain confidence in reflecting upon your contributions to patient care and team working.


Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this online unit, and following a period of reflective practice, you will be able to:

  • Work effectively and efficiently within a multi-professional team/s.
  • Demonstrate the use of networking and collaboration as a means to facilitate multi-professional communication and socialisation.
  • Demonstrate and value a professional understanding and attitude towards other multi-professional groups and support staff.

When you are planning your activities to meet the learning outcomes, you should consider the level of learning that you want to achieve. You will find the Get Started and Gaining Credit pages of Flying Start useful.