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In order to demonstrate your professional understanding and attitude towards other multi-professional groups and support staff, you should use the learning activities in this section.  Collaboration is closely linked to team working and to understanding the roles and contributions of all team members alongside patients and their carers.

Clinical Collaboration

Clinical collaboration

Identify an example from your work setting where the patient/client required care or input from the multi-professional team and identify:

  • who was involved
  • what your role was
  • if there was a point in the patient/client pathway where collaboration was really important e.g. on admission, to aid discharge planning or at a case conference?
  • how your understanding of others team members' roles helped to made the care appropriate, timely and efficient.
  • Where you collaborated with others to achieve the best outcome for your patient/client, their family and carers?
  • the skills do you need to develop to develop your work in this area

Team Collaboration

'Working in a team has allowed me to be aware of the importance of other professional roles and how differences in their codes of conduct can affect team working. The success of a team depends on individuals sharing the same goal and their ability to remove barriers and promote effective collaboration... I feel the overall experience has made me aware that barriers can be encountered and overcome in interprofessional working with a team approach. In future practice I will ensure my communication, decision-making, collaboration and documentation skills are seamless to ensure safe and effective care for my patients. Having reflected on interprofessional working I now feel more prepared in clinical practice to be an effective member of the interprofessional team.' (Burzotta &Noble, 2011, p315).


  • how your team works collaboratively with other disciplines?
  • an example where this worked well and an example where it did not work as well as hoped
  • the differences between these situations

Add your reflections on these issues to your portfolio.

This reference is available from the Knowledge Network Journals page