Manager Support

Concluding Activity

The 10 Concluding Activities are designed to support reflective practice in each of the ten learning units.  You must complete all 10 Concluding Activities to evidence you have completed the Flying Start NHS programme. As you complete the units, you are creating your evidence to support your NHS KSF development review and pay progression at the Foundation Gateway.

Concluding Activity

From your learning make a summary entry in your portfolio about what you have learned from this section, and how this will influence your continuing development as a team member. Consider:

  • your understanding of the roles within your team.
  • benefits to patient/ client care due to improved team working
  • your ability to work collaboratively within practice.
  • any changes in your team working skills as a result of networking/ collaborative working

Make sure your learning needs are reflected in your Personal Development Plan when you next meet to review your progress with your mentor / supervisor / NHS KSF reviewer.