Manager Support

Multi-professional teams

You will now be expected to work closely with colleagues from your own profession, and a range of other professions.  It is important that you understand their role and contribution, as well as how it fits or blurs with your own.  This unit encourages you to explore and reflect on how your team works.

Professional bodies' web resources

You should become familiar with your own professional body's website, and that of others. Use these to obtain an overview of some of the issues that require guidance and support for practitioners, their employers and for public protection.

However, to access some of the content of the professional body sites, you need to be a member.

Check the CPD Standards for your own profession. How do these compare to other groups? You may want to do this activity with a colleague from another profession, sharing and comparing your findings.

Make sure you know what learning materials you can access as a member of your own professional body - they may have on-line portfolios or materials that can help you in your ongoing CPD.

Whatever your organisation requires - remember that the Flying Start NHS development programme has been written to match that and to link with KSF.

You can use your Flying Start NHS portfolio as evidence for you KSF development review and as your Health and Care Professions Council CPD evidence. So you do not need to have two portfolios

Discussion Activity

Now that you have identified the different members of the multi-professional team you will work most closely with, use your networking and build up your understanding of the roles of different professional groups.

  • think about and discuss where roles overlap, complement and support each other and how this contributes to quality and safety in the care you all provide?
  • what professions do you know little about? Find out more about these professions

Record how finding out more about them has changed how you think you will work together in the future. Write this into your portfolio and share it with your mentor.

Your role in the team

As you build up your experience in your new role, you will work with a range of members from different health and social care teams involved providing care for individual people.

Think about the following questions and make notes on these issues and situations for your portfolio:

  • construct a typical patient/client journey for your work setting.
  • identify  the multidisciplinary team members who are involved in  this journey
  • identify other wider team roles that impact in this journey  e.g. other health and social care staff, administrative staff, support services staff
  • where do all of these individuals contribute to the patient/client journey you have constructed and what is their role or impact?
  • where are the overlaps or is there blurring between roles? Record your reflections on the overlaps and any issues these raise and add them to your portfolio.
  • how could a lack of understanding of the different team roles impact on the care that is provided? Think about this in terms of the care provided being safe, effective and person centred.

Different roles/different work?

Now that you have identified the members of the multi-professional team that you will work closely with, you should find out more about their day-to-day work and look at how your roles overlap, complement and support each other. Identify a colleague from another profession and discuss the work that each of you does and how this contributes to providing safe, effective and person-centered care.

Developing Healthcare Support Workers roles

As the skill mix in healthcare teams continue to change and develop, healthcare support worker roles are also changing.   The HCSW Toolkit is a website developed by NHS Education for Scotland to support managers and educators to develop roles underpinned by education.   Healthcare support work stories and case studies can help teams think of ways in which roles can be developed.  Listen and read those stories now and reflect on any current or possible changes to HCSW roles which affect your team or area.