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Teams and person-centered care

Person-centred care is one of the key aims of the Healthcare Quality Strategy, and taking into account the views of users and carers is a central activity for the team in working in a person-centred way.

Improving services for patients / clients

Improving services for patients/clients

The NHS Scotland Healthcare Quality Strategy and Person-Centred Care Programmes have helped make all staff more aware of the benefits of working in a person-centred way.

As a new member of the team have you noticed something which could improve the patient/client experience?

Discuss any ideas you have with your mentor, or in a relevant team meeting. Make notes to help you giving details of:

  • the change you think would benefit patients/clients
  • why you think this change should happen
  • who needs to be involved
  • what will they need to do differently
  • what you think that the impact of this will be

You will find it useful to look at the following websites;

Scottish Government: NHS Scotland Quality Strategy

Little things make a big difference: feedback, comments, concerns and complaints

Healthcare Improvement Scotland: Person-centred health and care collaborative

Quality Improvement Hub

Discuss your thoughts with your mentor and record them for your portfolio.

Patient/client stories activity

Considering the experiences of the patients/clients who use the service that you work in - whether these are positive or negative - can help to show where the team are working well and meeting needs, and where there can be improvements.

Identify some existing patient/client stories about the type of service you help provide and think about the issues highlighted in the story and how you can use this information in your service.

There are many websites that you can use to find stories, or there may be work carried out locally that you can use. Some of the available websites are listed below:

Scottish Health and Care Experience Survey

Healthtalk online

Patient opinion

Record what you have found when completing this activity and your reflections on this for your portfolio.

Involving patients/clients

A key aspect of working in a person centred way is involving patients/clients in service improvements from the outset, and taking account of their perspectives when changes are made.

Note a recent service development or proposal for changes in the way of working in your area which has, or will rely upon, good networking and collaboration between professional groups and users and carers. Find out:

  • what policies or guidance are there in your board to guide the process of involving patients/clients?
  • who were/will be the users/carers involved?
  • how were they identified and invited to be involved in the work?
  • what is their role?
  • what influence does/did their input have on the end result?
  • do you think that this meets the requirements of the policies or guidance?
  • what worked well or could be improved?

You will find 'A Framework to Support Staff Development in Patient Focus Public Involvement' useful when looking at these issues.

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