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Managers play a vital role in creating the right learning environment for newly qualifed practitioners.  By facilitating the space for an experienced mentor to support and guide the newest team member, managers can significantly reduce the stress that we know comes with being newly qualified.

Benefits realisation

The project team hope that Flying Start NHS® can be viewed as an additional support to newly qualified staff, their mentors and managers.

It acts both as a framework and a stepping stone for newly qualified practitioners. We see the benefits, which all lead back to improving the patient's experience, as:


Newly Qualified

Mentors / Supervisors / NHS KSF reviewers

1. Benefits for employers

  • Gives a clear message that you value and wish to support your newly qualified employees.
  • Links to the NHS KSF, therefore supporting the development review process
  • Offers an opportunity for consistency across NHS Scotland
  • Offers opportunities for inter-professional learning to take place locally, regionally and nationally
  • Linked to the Governance standards, therefore supports safe and effective practice
  • Encourages multidisciplinary working and understanding
  • Supports planned career development


2. Benefits for newly qualified staff:

  • Offers an learner-directed solution to finding information and making sense of a complex environment
  • Guides and supports the transition from student to qualified practitioner
  • Links to the NHS KSF development review cycle
  • Supports the development of skills for lifelong learning and CPD
  • Offers practical advice on how to manage portfolios and PDPs within NHS Scotland
  • Gives access to up to date material, useful websites and national policy and developments
  • Decreases feelings of isolation through the on-line forum, Flying Start Community and Ask a Mentor functions
  • Draws and build on the learning skills developed as pre-registration or undergraduate student
  • Increased understanding of the role of other health and social care professionals and partners


3. Benefits for mentors/ supervisors / NHS KSF reviewers:

  • Allows newly qualified practitioners to take responsibility for their learning through a learner-directed programme
  • Provides a consistent framework for developing against the NHS KSF
  • Supports evidence for individuals' KSF development review for mentors in how they have supported individuals and influenced the learning environment
  • Offers improved access to resources for mentors
  • Potentially increases effectiveness of mentoring with linked learning activities and resources
  • Offers a consistent approach across NHS Scotland which is educationally sound
  • Supports and encourages workplace learning

There will be local benefits which we have not highlighted here, and we look forward to discussing these further as Flying Start NHS® becomes part of the NHS Scotland learning and development culture. To support local roll-out, a power point presentation with speaker notes is available for Lead Contacts to use or adapt from the link below.

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